Mohaka River Sawmilling specialize in the minor species including Redwood, Macrocarpa and Douglas Fir.

We also have a good supply of quality old pine trees (30 – 45yr) that can be turned into tongue and groove boards and treated framing and decking.

Our products

We have access to a fantastic variety of timber species as well as some kit-set / finished items.  

If we don’t have the species you are looking for, let us know and we will see if we can source it.

The following are some of the timber species we offer:


Originating from California, Macrocarpa is a cypress that grows exceptionally well in NZ. It has a warm brown heart-wood and a light-brown sapwood.
Macrocarpa has a variety of uses from external cladding, internal paneling, furniture and post & beam structures.
Due to its natural durability it can also be used for untreated wall-framing.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a high quality timber with straight grain.
It is mainly used as an attractive structural timber, for exposed post & beam projects.
The attractive timber and small knots also make good ceilling lining and furniture.


Poplar is a quick growing tree whose timber is best used as an affordable internal lining.


Redwood has excellent stability and durability.
It grows well in Hawkes Bay and has a rich red heart-wood and pale sapwood.
Redwood is mainly used for external cladding and internal wall and ceiling lining.

Himalayan Cedar

Himalayan Cedar is light soft centred and highly decorative timber.
It is naturally durable so is suitable for exterior cladding as an alternative to Western Red Cedar.
It can also be used for internal lining.

Eucalyptus (Gum)

The Eucalyptus family has more than 500 species in it.
The common species grown in NZ are often used for garden sleepers and landscaping timber.


Pinus Radiata is NZ's most commonly grown exotic species.
It is often treated and used for framing timber, farming timbers and weather-boards.
Untreated it can be used for furniture, above ground fence rails and internal lining.

wood trunks, forest, strains

Grades available

Heart clears


Heart / sapwood clears

Exposed structural

Merchant / industrial grade (used for number 2 framing)


Green sawn

Air dried

Solar kiln dried


a. Tongue & Groove (T&G) or TG&V

b. Weather-board:

1) Rusticated 2)Bevel-back 3) Ship-lap (vertical / horizontal)

c. Board & batten (with weather-grooves)

Standard sizes

  1. Boards – 25mm & 50mm (up-to 250mm wide)

  2. Beams to order (up-to 250mm x 250mm)

  3. Oversize beams (up-to 500mm x 250mm)

  4. Slabs /flitches (up-to 1400mm wide)

  5. Sleepers (200mm x 100mm x 2100mm) – Macrocarpa, Eucalyptus/ Gum – (Additional sizes by request)

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