About us

Mohaka River Sawmilling was born out of a desire to provide quality affordable timber products and related services.

We are a locally owned and run family business.

Having a background in forestry, farming and construction has provided the foundation for the type of timber products and related services needed in these industries. 

Our portable sawmill allows us to offer tree and log owners sawn timber and beams on their own property.  

Mohaka River Sawmilling specialize in the minor species including Redwood, Macrocarpa and Douglas Fir.

We also have a good supply of quality old pine trees (30 – 45yr) that can be turned into tongue and groove boards and treated framing and decking.

To find out more about our background and industry experience, please see biographies below.

Meet Our Team

Ralph Lattimore

Ralph’s first memories of working with large timbers were helping to build the family home in Canada.

The house was built out of large recycled Oregon beams recycled from an old flour mill in Montreal.

After studying Civil Engineering at Canterbury University and a career outside of construction, he was drawn back into Traditional Post and Beam while visiting friends in Canada.

Ralph, his wife  along with good friends were offered the chance to study the craft at Thistlewood in Ontario and then spent 13 years as part and then full owners of Timberworks in Nelson.

They invested in a band-sawmill to compliment the business and enjoyed the challenge of maximizing the yield and adding value to each log.

Ralph is now involved in Mohaka River Sawmilling in Sales and Business Development as well as a current Director of Heritage Timbercraft. It is a privilege for him to work with his sons (Ezra and Ari) and Rob and Ben Crozier to provide quality timber products and milling services.

Rob Crozier

Rob is a 5th generation farmer, born in Gisborne and raised in the Hawkes Bay.  

He gained a Bachelor of Business Studies, in Sport Management and Coaching, but farming was where his passion lies, so he returned to farming, managing Sheep and Beef, and Stud Cattle.

Rob has always loved working with his hands creating something from nothing.  He also receives much satisfaction in keeping his tools in tiptop condition, sharp and reliable.

Working the Sawmill has allowed Rob to put to great use his love of good tools, and provided a fun challenge, with gaining as much good and useable timber for many different projects and discovering new ways to use these timbers.  It has also provided the privilege of working with his son, Ben, and also opportunities for Rob’s younger sons to join in with mill projects.

Shawn Campbell

Shawn is a 2nd generation sawmiller, logger and industry veteran who grew up in Hawkes Bay. 

His background includes being a qualified saw-doctor with over 30 years experience in small scale logging and log procurement.

Shawn’s passion and experience is invaluable in growing the business. 

Ben Crozier

Grew up in a multi-generation farming family where he learnt to appreciate and love the land, the outdoors and good ‘old-school’ hard work. He takes pride in his work and keeping his tools sharp, clean and well maintained.

He likes figuring things out, looking for ways to improve processes and maximize outcomes.

Ben also gets a lot of satisfaction being involved in the whole process – from tree felling, through to milling, value-adding and then seeing the logs turn into useful products (such as a home, shed, chicken-tractor and even fire-wood).

Ezra Lattimore

Having an interest in forestry, logging and milling was a natural progression given that both Ezra’s grandfathers and parents were involved part-time in the industry.

He started working with firewood, timber, chainsaws and machinery at a young age and enjoys the opportunity to be working in this area.

The smell of fresh cut firewood and timber along with the satisfaction of keeping his tools sharp and well maintained is very rewarding for Ezra.

Our sister company - Heritage Timbercraft

We work closely with Heritage Timbercraft who specialize in post & beam construction, character barn homes, hand-crafted barn doors and related quality products.